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The purpose of this website is to help keep you informed of what’s going on in the classroom. Click on a specific class and you will find handouts related to projects going on in the class and important dates related to each class.

Students who are absent can also check the Make-up Work section for the appropriate class to see what went on during class that day.

The Handouts section of this site is a place that you may go to print as many copies of a handout as you need. My intention is for all class handouts to be posted here. If you lose the copy of a handout I give you in class, this will always be the place you can go to get another.

The Important Dates section of the site is a place where you can go to check on due dates, test dates, and other important dates.

This site is also a place where parents can check on what we are doing, what projects are due, and what tests are coming up. The site also provides a very easy way to get in touch with me— my AlexanderAcademics.com email!