Teacher Cadets

The purpose of Teacher Cadets is to give an inside look at teaching to high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in education. My goal is to show students “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of education so that students can make a more informed decision about their future career.

Below are links to forms and handouts distributed in class. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download) to open them.

Confidentiality Statement
This form is required of all teacher cadets.
Release Form
This form is required of all teacher cadets.
Internship Guidelines
This document will help you understand your responsibilities during your internship.
Quotes Guidelines
At the beginning of every class there will be a quote on the overhead. This document gives you the guidelines for responding to those quotes.
Class Info Sheet
This document explains daily procedures for the Teacher Cadets class.
Student Info Sheet
If you didn't fill out this form in class, please complete it and turn it in as soon as possible.
Parent Info Sheet
Please complete and return this form as soon as you can.