Chemistry Course Unit assignments


        Each Unit's assignments will open up as an active link prior to the completion of the last unit (just before a unit test). Just click on the active link to get your homework assignments for the unit.






1st 9 weeks            Unit            Test  Topics                                    Unit Start Date 


1                      Introduction                                       January 4th               


2                      The atom and Periodic table               January 20th                                                      


3                      Quantum and nuclear energy              January 31st                          


4                      Metallic and ionic bonds                     February 9th             


5.                     Ionic Bonds                                       No online homework                           


 6                     Reactions and equations                     February 18th                 


7                      Reaction Rates                                  No homework due to Internet being down               



2nd 9 weeks     

                        8                      Mole concept                                    March 8th


                       9                       Stoichiometry                                     Worksheet homework 


                        10                    Gas Laws                                           April 13th


                        11                    Solutions and Equilibrium                      April 19th                              


                        12                   Thermochemistry


                        13                    Acids and bases                                                                  


14                    Electrochemistry (Redox)