Exam review schedule for  Spring 2005                

     Spring schedules will be announced later             

May 16th  3:00 to 4:00  Mr. Lee Topic TBA
May 19th  3:00 to 4:00  Mr.Chester Topic TBA
May 20th   3:00 to 4:00  Mr. Lee Topic TBA
May 21st   9:00 to !2:00 noon   Mr. Lee/ Mrs. Dupuis Topic TBA
May 23rd    3:00 to 4:00  Mr. Chester Topic TBA

 Please Note:  Since Acids and Bases and Electrochemistry are the last two topics covered in class, they will not be covered on the exam review  schedule. They should be fresh in everyone's mind.  Also, gas laws will be reviewed by each teacher in  class, instead of afternoon exam review. This is due to different methods taught by individual teachers in this unit.