Welcome to my physics page. Although we will tackle many serious topics on these page I started to think that we Physics teachers were taking ourselves just a little bit too seriously. Being from a rural area and being a fan of Jeff Foxworthy's I started thinking about Redneck Physics. From time to time I will include the cast of characters in my explanations and problems. I hope that I do not offend anyone. All of these characters are completely fictitious and only portrayed in jest to lighten up a serious topic.

As with any math based classs practice is the key to mastery. You will be expected to complete all assignments. Please use pencil and show all of your work so that I know that you didn't just copy answers from one of your classmates. Items that you need to bring every day are: Your calculator, Pencil, Paper, and text book.

Meet the rednecks

1 Dimensional kinematics